Monica Marin

Chief WSET Instructor
Monica was born and raised in Madrid, Spain where she graduated the Complutense University. Monica enrolled in the Wine and Spirits Education Trust where she successfully completed all of the wine certification levels and earned a WSET Diploma. She currently is a Master of Wine candidate. Throughout her career, Monica has visited the best wine regions of Italy and Spain, falling in love with the culture, wine, and gastronomy in Piedmont, Tuscany, Rioja, and Ribera del Duero. She has also traveled extensively in Europe, California, Chile, and Argentina. Monica is a certified instructor for the WSET at the intermediate, advanced, and Diploma levels throughout the world.

Bill Knight

Bill Knight, the President and owner, has spent the last 20 years making sure that The Wine House lives up to its motto “The Only Wine Shop You Need”. His tireless commitment to staffing the store with knowledgeable, professional wine consultants allows The Wine House to provide great service, selection, and value to a broad range of wine consumers. Customers have recognized these efforts by bestowing the coveted 3-star rating from Wine & Spirits magazine’s consumer poll for the past three years. He has also been chosen a Wine Spectator Market Watch Leader.

JB Severin

General Manager
JB Severin is the General Manager of the Wine House and the Dean of The Wine House Education Program. His motto “The more you know, the more you enjoy, the more you spend” (now you know how he got to be the Manager), is supported by his unswerving dedication to a strong consumer wine education program. With a NASA program director’s sang froid (French for “cool”) he launches and coordinates hundreds of wine events per year with nary a glitch. Well, okay, maybe a glitch or two. And as a 15-year veteran of the Wine House staff, he has the unique ability to assist and direct you in all of your wine buying needs. (He also knows where all the bodies are buried.)